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This Week’s Top Stories About Royal Bath Tub

December 30, 2018

Will use of bath tub caddy ever rule the world? I believed bath caddy  is the next big thing in beauty blogger. There is no better way to add some class and luxury in your bathroom than placing this bathtub tray over your tub. Provides an eye-catching contrast to the white background of your bathtub that instantly upgrades the décor! Have an impressive, elegantly decorated bathroom. Self-care is all the rage these days, and why shouldn’t it be? There is no shame in wanting to take better care of yourself! While a lot of self-care practices focus on your inner state and mentality, pairing them with some indulgent pampering of your outer self is also important for overall well-being. You don’t have to fork over a ton of money to effectively treat your self, as small purchases over time paired with items you already have stocked in your beauty repertoire can elevate a regular Sunday afternoon into a luxurious experience.


Lets talk about bathing in luxury with this gorgeous bath caddy and IPad holder! This stunning bathtub caddy is both practical and decorative! Use with or without the IPad holder.    

I cannot think of anything better than a good book, roses ,a glass of wine and some candles along with a good long soak in the tub! This would be a perfect for weekends, holidays , gift or just to pamper yourself. This royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray is Handmade from solid wood. It’s finished in a waterproof paint to protect it from steam and splashes. Its suitable for all type of bathtub and its adjustable too. This unique bathtub caddy is made of the highest quality bamboo wood that is being used only by the most luxurious brands on the market. It is Eco-Friendly and incomparably durable as it is resistant to water and promises to provide super comfort for life.

There is no better way to add some class and LUXURY in bathroom than placing this bathtub tray over the tub.

Get it from-

Wayfair -Dillan bathtub caddy rebrilliant finish brown.,inc. -Umbra 020390 Aquala 28 inch wide bamboo bathtub caddy with wine holder.

Overstock- Draizee Luxury bamboo adjustable bathtub caddy natural wood brown.

Target- Everrett adjustable over bathtub caddy silver-iDesign.

Overstock- Bambusi bathtub caddy tray with book and wine holder spa relaxing..


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