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September 15, 2020

 1# The double shot blow-dryer brush || #7 The brush crush heated straightening brush || #4 Super lemon drop daily detangler || #5 4 Pack holder me hair clips || #6 Texas tease teasing brush || #2 The wrap party curling & styling wand || #8 BOLDIFY hair thickening spray || #9  HSI Professional argon oil thermal protecter hair spray || #3 The buttercup blow dryer


Sponsored by Nordstrom & Walmart. All items were personally selected by me and all surveys are my own!! 

Here is the thing that you have to think about the 1# DRYBAR DUBBLE SHOT BLOW-DRYER BRUSH , Its value each penny, and you basically need one!

Whew, I began that of solid, correct? In any case, Let me reveal to you I have been utilizing this brush for a half year in a row now and have gone with it out of state twice and I’m both intrigued and in affection! As all of you realize I am such a great amount in hair styling.

I realize I experience passionate feelings for a great deal, however I will in general observe the encouraging points in nearly all that I get my hands on.

Starting Thoughts of this Dryer brush, So to be straightforward before buying the Double shot I was a diehard Drybar fan. I feel like you’re either the affection it or abhor it type and there truly isn’t any in the middle.

Step by step instructions to Avoid: When utilizing the dryer abstain from twisting the tips of the hair on the base layers of your hair. Rather, pull the push down the whole length of your hair and flip outward on the tip of your hair.


In any case, when I previously began I was thinking this takes two dam long, back to the hair dryer! I use frequently as well ,for a spotless and straight hair look and to include some volume I use #6 TEXAS TEASE TEASING BRUSH.

Instructions to Avoid: I realize this doesn’t bode well, yet I thought I needed to work in littler areas, which was not the situation. I can get my hair dry in less than 15 minutes by separating my hair in three lines.


This is a verified certainty! My #8 BOLDIFY “Hair thickening” items I use with my#9  HSI PROFESSIONAL “Argan Oil” would turn my hair excessively oily in the wake of utilizing the Double shot or #3 THE WRAP PARTY CURLING and STYLING WAND. As its comprise of oil to shield hair from harm, that may be the primary explanation I don’t have part closes.

Instructions to Apply: Get your preferred dry cleanser and shower the territory you need to include volume. In the wake of splashing your hair run the brush through your hair and hold it at the root for a couple of moments. After you expel the brush from your hair, enclose your hair by a roller and let sit for a couple of moments! This is astonishing for the front of your hair to get that ideal flip with your blasts.

Increasingly About the Brush

Proceeding onward to increasingly about the brush. To be completely forthright, I at first purchased the brush in the wake of getting the opportunity to play with it at Nordstrom so finding out about it online is another experience the entirety of its own. Before composing this post I chose to bounce onto the site to perceive what the cases were of the brush and if Drybar conveys what they referenced.

Here is the thing that Drybar makes reference to about the Doubleshot

Ionic Technology helps seal the fingernail skin for less frizz and huge amounts of sparkle while styling

Deliberately positioned vents give most extreme wind stream to a quicker victory

Ergonomic, lightweight plan gives most extreme solace

A mix of nylon and tufted fibers takes into consideration outstanding strain and control

Oval shape with tenderly bended edges gives huge amounts of volume and a smooth completion

3 temperature settings (cool/medium/high) consider modified styling of all hair types

Again I discovered this from the Drybar site in the event that you might want to peruse progressively about it you can discover it here!

From my own utilization, here is the thing that I can remain behind.

I will say I do encounter a huge amount of sparkle and I do have “less frizz subsequent to utilizing The Double shot contrasted with an ordinary blowdryer.

The tips of my hair feel better in the wake of utilizing the brush. I attempted it with the two items in my hair and with nothing in my hair, my hair felt the equivalent.

I can’t state I truly observe the vents in the brush are deliberately positioned I’m not a specialist, however I can say my hair drying time has trimmed down fundamentally.

Lightweight structure? I needed to truly inquire as to whether the brush is really lightweight. To be completely forthright, I’m in the center.

We should discuss the fibers immediately shot. This was the NUMBER ONE protest I was seeing when it resulted in these present circumstances brush. Numerous individuals felt the fibers are excessively delicate to really hold the hair.

I will deviate, I feel like this is an agreeable measure of hold. In the same way as other others, I don’t prefer to pull on my hair and I feel like the fibers on this brush convey sparkle and less frizz.

By and by, I like that, I can brush the Doubleshot over my scalp and it doesn’t do any harm. Notwithstanding, you need to keep the brush perfect and away from hair. The more hair you have tucked into the fibers the less the brush will hold your hair.

The oval shape-EH I get what will be will be. I’m not completely sold that its a superior structure than a total adjusted brush. When you get the hang of utilizing the brush, it got simpler.

I recollect when I previously began utilizing the brush I despised the manner in which the brush would twist the tips of my hair under. Be that as it may, I get crazy measures of volume with this brush and I can’t survive without the volume now!

The temperature setting choices were the main explanation I purchased the brush. My hair takes a beating, so when I can see ways as increasingly delicate, I will take the plunge.

The way that you have three choices when utilizing the brush, makes it progressively alluring for me. I extremely just utilize the medium and hot settings on the brush and the hot isn’t awkwardly hot.

In the wake of utilizing this brush for over a couple of months on different occasions a week and I can sincerely say my hair despite everything feels delicate on the tips and I don’t see any more breakage than ordinary. So to me, that reveals to me this brush is harmed hair benevolent!

So Why is this Brush Worth Every Penny?

Numerous reasons, above all the measure of time this brush spares me joined with less hair harm. Like I referenced previously, I utilize this brush on different occasions seven days; on BOTH newly washed hair and mid-week messy hair. Each time I’m finished utilizing the Double shot I have crazy volume, crisp looking hair and I can’t beat that.

Since I’m one of those young ladies that can’t remain to do my hair however simply need to have stunning looking hair, this brush conveys for me.

I’m not saying the brush doesn’t have any cons, however for me, those cons go straight out the window. The clamor of this brush can’t and won’t get me far from my Double shotP:)xoxo

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