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10 Things about Gel Nails Your beauticians Wouldn’t Tell You

November 4, 2018

When it comes to make up, I’m an addict and I’ve come to accept this. And I do addicted for gel or acrylic manicure too because, although gel manicures can be beautiful and long-lasting.”They’re quick, tough as, well, nails, and last up to two weeks.
While I’ll let you in on all the little nuisances that prevent your beautiful, costly mani from lasting, there is one secret to keeping the manicure longer: leaving it under the UV light.

“If you under cure the polish and you don’t give it enough UV light, then the polish won’t firm up enough,” ,little more time under the light, you will get more bang for your buck in terms of durability.” In every day routine there are few tricks for keeping that mani game strong.

Here’s some ways to make gel manicures last.

1. Stay Away From Hand Sanitizer

This is a great practice in general, considering hand sanitizer dries out your skin, nail beds, and cuticles. It can also strip your topcoat, so opt for soap instead.

2. Keep Nails Hydrated

Although gel is notorious for causing brittle nails, all polish is severely dehydrating to nail beds so keeping nails properly hydrated should be a top priority for everyone. Soak nails in vitamin e oil the night.Your nails will break and tear when dry, wreaking havoc on your manicure. Keep them moisturized with cuticle oil. This will help protect your natural nails from damage incurred by gel polish as well as speed up recovery time post lacquer. Also, use a cuticle oil every single day (even when nails are naked.)

3. Distract From Dingy Nails

Distraction is a powerful tool and optical illusion, my friends. If you’ve managed to keep your gel manicure on, but your real nails are peeking out at the nail bed or chipped at the very tip, hide them! Conceal them with glitter or turn it into a french tip.

4. Stay Away From Hot Water

Extreme heat, like soaking in a hot bath, will peel away your manicure. Keep showers short and not at extreme temps so your mani lasts.

5. Use Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen lotion after bath.’Make sure to apply sunscreen evenly from fingers to elbows about 20 minutes after your bath’.This practice will ket your skin safe from Uv and hydrate your dry palm.

6. Reapply Top Coat

Every few days, reapply top coat to keep the manicure protected and shiny.

7. Take Care of Cuticles

Painting over your cuticles can eventually result in lifting the gel from the nail and cause peeling. Instead of clipping your cuticles, push them back with cuticle oil.

8. File Your Tips

If the edges of your nails are chipped and rubbed away, gently file them down and then apply another coat onto the “free edge” of your nails.


9. Only soak your fingertips in acetone

When having the nail polish removed, only soak your fingertips in acetone instead of your whole hands or fingers to protect the surrounding skin. Another option is to use cotton balls to remove the polish. Soak the cotton balls in acetone and apply them to you nails by wrapping small pieces of aluminum foil around your fingertips. This will ensure that only your nails come into contact with the acetone. After about 15 minutes, the nail polish should come right off.

10. Wear gloves while doing housework

While doing some housework, like washing dishes or something else, wear rubber gloves, as hot water or chemical substances may cause your nails lifting or peeling.

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